3 Ways To Save Money On The Laser Cutting Process

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Laser cutting is a great way to cut a product in a very precise manner. Laser cutting is not a free process though. If you have to outsource your laser cutting needs for your products, there are steps you can take to reduce the money you spend on the laser cutting process.

Way #1: Create a Digital Prototype

When it comes to creating a product, instead of sending the specs to your laser cutting partner and having them build the product multiple times as you fine-tune the design, move to a digital prototype process. You can use software to digital create 3D images of your products. You can then use the digital images to troubleshoot and figure out ways to simplify the laser cutting process.

You can even play around with the strength and durability of different materials within a product simulation. With the right software, you can figure out how to simplify your cutting lines, so when you have a physical prototype made, you will be much closer to the final product.

Way #2: Create a Paper Prototype

After you finish with the digital prototype, move on to a paper prototype. With a paper prototype, you can physically hold the product and look at it in a different manner than you can with a digital image.

By printing out your design, you may be able to more easily see sizing or design areas and get an idea of what your product will look like. The more you check your work before sending in for a physical prototype, the more likely that prototype will be correct, and you can start the manufacturing process.

Way #3: Keep the Details Simple

It is true that you can use lasers to cut or engrave very detailed patterns. However, that detail is going to cost you. If you want to reduce your laser cutting costs, you are going to want to make sure there is the intention behind every detail of each of your designs.

You are literally paying for each cut the laser makes, so you want to make sure there is a purpose behind each cut. Going for simple designs and larger details is a great way to reduce your overall costs.

When it comes to reducing costs to manufacture laser-cut products, take your time with the prototype, and create digital and paper versions of the prototype to get the design just right. As you work on the design, make sure each cut serves a purpose, and remember, with laser designs, less is often more.