3 Reasons Small Boxes Are Better Than Bags For Your Candy Shop

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Your candy shop is a sight to behold for any sugar-treat connoisseur, with colorful candies lining the shelves and pulling people in with their enticing smell and appearance. If you are like most candy shop owners, you have dispensers and self-serve bins where customers can fill up their bags and then pay for their items on the way out. However, there is one small problem with this picture: candy boxes are a much better option over bags. Take a look at a few good reasons why it is a better idea to offer candy boxes in your candy shop instead of just bags alone. 

Boxes better protect the candy than bags. 

Maybe bags are the perfect solution for things like jawbreakers, hard candy, peppermint sticks, and other confections. But bags offer little in the way of protection for the candy that is more prone to damage when the customer leaves your store. This means that by the time they get where they are going, the candy in the bag could be damaged, broken, stuck together, and simply a mess. Bon-bons, gummies, and chocolate are all examples of candies that really deserve a more structured to-go package so they're just as pretty when the customer gets home as they were in the store. 

Boxes are an excellent way to present a small gift to someone. 

Think about how many people stop in your candy shop specifically because you have that one type of candy that the customer is looking for to give to someone they know. Now imagine that same customer handing over their purchase in a simple bag. Not so flattering, right? The fact is, there's something more high-end about candy given in a box–even if it is a simple box. The candies will be in tact and make a good impression on the recipient. 

Boxes are easier to fill with candy and display for customers in a hurry. 

How many times have you bagged up certain candies by the pound and tried to create a display so customers in a hurry could grab what they wanted and go? You will usually resort to putting the filled bags in a basket or container just to display them. If you have candy boxes in your shop, it is much easier to fill and display them on a shelf or counter so people can pick up what they want and be on their way. 

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