Why Your Business Should Consider The Use Of Handheld Barcode Scanners

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If your business uses barcode scanners and you have not explored handheld models, you might be missing out on something that could make your business better. Perhaps you are thinking that your current set-up appears to be working fine. However, the following points will help you to understand how handheld barcode scanners could benefit your workforce. 


Handheld barcode scanners can be corded or wireless. The corded and wireless versions are ideal for retail storefronts. You could utilize the corded type at registers and the wireless handheld scanners in other areas throughout the store such as in stocking areas that require scanning. Wireless handheld barcode scanners in plant environments are ideal because they allow employees to be mobile rather than being confined to one area. 


When workers are able to "float" from one work area to another without restriction, businesses can expect to see improvements in their productivity. Imagine workers in a production environment having to wait to scan bar codes because they are restricted by corded barcode scanners. Wireless barcode scanners are also ideal because they allow workers to access difficult to reach barcodes. For example, an employee might apply a barcode label in an area that is difficult for your primary scanners to read. Using handheld technology would allow your workers to be able to access the barcode in a short period of time, which would have minimal impact on production. Whereas if the box had to be moved and manipulated to scan the barcode, it could be time-consuming especially if the contents of the box are heavy.


Fatigue can occur when workers perform the same duties repetitively. Common workplace injuries are hand and wrist injuries. If your employees have to scan items across a conveyor belt for hours, they could experience this type of injury or fatigue. Handheld barcode scanners could be a more ergonomic solution. It is possible to also use different types of bar code scanning technology to minimize strain and injuries of this type.

A barcode scanner company is a good resource to use to determine the best type of scanners for your business. Some businesses have to take additional factors into consideration before choosing their barcode scanners, which is why it is ideal to include a professional in your shopping experience. For example, if your business sometimes has to scan damaged or faded bar codes, it would be important to ensure that the handheld scanners you choose can decode those types of labels.